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About two years ago, one of my biggest fantasies finally came true: watching Nigerian girls fucking. Now, I am not talking about some documentary bullshit where some cameramen visit some village and film the tribal life. I am talking about watching Nigerian girls fucking right in my very own bedroom. See some real african wife voyeur action by clicking here .

It all started innocently enough. I had a bunch of friends over and one of my friends brought these two Nigerian girls with him. I was really into these chicks. They were so exotic and different from any other girls I had ever seen. They were flirting with me all night long and I found myself getting hard at the thought of fucking them both.

As the night went on, I lost track of the girls while I was entertaining other guests. At one point, I had to run to my bedroom to get something. When I opened up the door, I was surprised to find that there were two Nigerian girls fucking in my bed.

I know those girls heard me come in, but they didn’t even stop what they were doing. They just kept right on with pleasuring each other. Holy shit, I had never seen girls do the things these girls were doing to each other. One of them brought out a double sided dildo. I don’t know where they had that thing all night, but they had to have brought it with them because I don’t have shit like that in my house. Anyway, one of the girls stuck it inside her black pussy and then walked up to the other girl. Then, she shoved the other side of that dildo into the girls ass and started fucking her from behind.

Both of those Nigerian girls seemed to have had an orgasm at the same time. Then, the tossed the dildo aside and started 69ing. The whole time they were eating each other out, they were playing with each other’s ass wholes and moaning and groaning.

I swear, those girls fucked each other for at least 20 minutes while I sat their and watched without them saying a word to me. Finally, one of them turned to me and said, “Well, aren’t you going to join in?”

Fuck! I never thought I would ever see two Nigerian girls fucking, let alone get invited to join in.

I didn’t say anything in return. I just took off my clothes and walked over to the bed. Before I could even get on the bed, one of those girls grabbed my dick and started sucking it while the other girl sucked on my balls. It wasn’t long before I shot my wad all over both of their faces. They licked my cum off of each other and off of me and kept sucking until I was back up again.

After getting me back up, the girls pulled me down on the bed. One of them sat on my face while the other sat on my cock and started riding me. I set to work eating the one girl out while the other one fucked me. After a few minutes, they switched places with each other and I found myself eating out the other girl. A few minutes later, we were all cumming and screaming in ecstasy. Then, we all got up, got dressed, and went back out to the party like nothing had ever happened. I didn’t get what I went into the room to get. Hell, I didn’t even remember what I went in there for in the first place.

Watching two Nigerian girls fucking was exciting as I had hoped it would be – but fucking them was even better.

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